The Exotic Grocer offers to you an online store where you can purchase fresh naturally grown Kiwano Horned Melons. Grown in New Zealand with practices Mother Nature would approve of. Sourced directly from the grower, export grade fruit is selected and carefully packed so your Kiwano Horned Melons arrive in tip top condition. Available in 3 different sized packs- head over to our shop to check them out. Our Kiwano Horned Melons travel to our storage facility in Los Angeles so you don't have to wait long for shipping. 

Meet the Growers

Brand Promise

Enzed Exotics Kiwano horned melons have been in the family since ’85. It was love at first slice… 

As genuine Kiwano horned melon lovers, we are passionate about the purity from a beautiful, naturally grown fruit – the flavour and quality that only comes from a careful handling process, like ours.

As for our happy team, they come from some of the most exotic places on earth, which makes every day as fun, fresh and colourful as the fruit we grow. Read more about Enzed Exotics here

Sharing the uniquely delicious taste and great health benefits of the Kiwano Horned melon and educating people everywhere how to enjoy the most exotic and exciting fruit, naturally grown in the rich and fertile land of New Zealand without harsh chemicals and in concert with Mother Nature.

Meet the Growers
Kiwano Field Workers
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